M10 Earbuds Wireless Headsets Bluetooth Earphones Stereo Black

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  • Special reminder: In order to enjoy a better experience, please charge the headset immediately after receiving the product.

Connection method:

  • 1. Open the package, peel off the blue insulation film on the headphones, the left and right earbuds out in the charging bin. The headset lights up. If it does not light up, please charge the battery.
  • 2. Take out the headset from the charging compartment automatically open and pair automatically. Wait about 10-20 seconds, the left and right earbuds will automatically synchronize. Pairing is successful.
  • 3. open the phone’s Bluetooth, find the Bluetooth name of the headset, click to connect, music APP can be set in a variety of sound effects, enjoy HIFI it.
  • 4. After using the headset, put it back into the charging compartment, the headset will automatically turn off and charge.
  • 5. Use the headset again, take it out of the charging compartment, automatically turn on the phone, automatically pairing connected to the phone (can be operated by a single headset).


Small and portable design: Lightweight volume and weight, convenient for you to carry around, convenient for outdoor, sports and other scenes.

High quality music experience: High fidelity audio quality allows you to experience an immersive music feast at close range.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology: Enables fast and stable device connectivity, compatible with Android and other Bluetooth devices.

Touch control function: Easily control various operations, allowing you to control playback, pause, or answer calls without taking out your phone.

Ultra long battery life and fast charging: Full charge in a short time, longer usage time, no need to worry about power issues.

Noise reduction technology: reduces the impact of environmental noise, allowing you to enjoy clear sound quality in various scenarios.

Waterproof design: Suitable for exercise and outdoor activities, allowing you to exercise without worry.

High quality microphone: ensure clear communication and accurate transmission of voice commands.

Fashion appearance: fashionable design, fashionable color selection, highlighting individuality.

Comfortable Wearing: Lightweight design, comfortable wearing experience, long time wearing without tiredness.

Support for mono and stereo: meet the needs of multiple scenes, making music, movies, and games more immersive.

Magnetic charging box: Safe and reliable charging, making it easier for you.

Multiple color options: Provide a variety of fashionable colors for your choice, personalized and versatile.

One click pairing: Easy to operate, easy to connect to the device.

Balanced sound quality: Good bass and treble performance, ensuring a more realistic sound effect.

Affordable price: Compared to other similar products, it has a higher cost performance ratio.

With its stylish and portable design, excellent audio performance, and practical features, this high-quality portable Bluetooth headset is an intelligent wearable choice that you cannot miss. With this headset, you can enjoy wonderful music and experience the beauty of life anytime, anywhere!




It needs to be charged to activate a battery before first use. This machine is compatible with most charging cables on the market. If it cannot be charged, replace the charging cable and try again

The two-channel matching method is as follows


  1. 1. Turn off a phone’s Bluetooth function
  2. 2. Put on both headphones and touch the detection area at the same time for 5 seconds until shutdown (Shutdown warning sound appears)
  3. 3. Touch detection area at the same time for 5 seconds to turn on (power on alert sound appears)
  4. 4. Wait until the headset is paired (the pairing tone appears)
  5. 5. Sides and sides prompt left channel headset, right channel indicates pairing is complete and dual channel mode has been entered successfully
  6. (Pairing time is affected by environment. If pairing fails for a long time, follow above steps again)


Package Contents:

2 * headphones

1 * charging compartment

1 * charging cable

1 * user manual


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