Stabex Gas Full Set – 6 Kg

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Stabex Gas Full Set – 6 kg (Delivery to Kampala, Wakiso, Entebbe)
New Stabex gas cylinder filled with 6kg gas, a burner, and a grill.
Stabex Gas is 50% heavier than air, tends to sink to the ground can flow long distances along the ground, and can collect in drains and gullies.
Stabex is odorless and an odor called Mercaptan is added to detect leaks.
Latent heat of vaporization is needed to convert the liquid to gas. As the liquid boils, it needs to take heat energy from itself and its surroundings which makes containers cold to touch and in case of a huge gas emission, frost may appear.
Stabex Gas pressure increases with temperature, as such if the temperature around the tank increases, the pressure inside the tank increases as the liquid expands. Get your refill today with Daily Duka and keep your kitchen tidy with our Stabex gas.



  • Safe, clean and convenient cooking.
  •  Reasonably priced.
  • Spotless kitchen, cooking with Stabex gas does not leave soot or residue.
  • Easier to switch off the burner after use.
  • Easy refill.
  • Burns consistently making it more reliable.
  • Easy to handle with instantaneous on/off knob that offers better control as you cook through flame regulation.


Gas Full Set – 6kg (Delivery Limited to Kampala, Wakiso, Entebbe)


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